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Tattoo Removal Online Course
Tattoo Removal Online Course

Learn the safest tattoo removal method with Golden Brows! Let’s face it, bad PMU exists. You can be your client’s hero with our tattoo removal course! You will learn saline solution removal method-a relatively painless and non-invasive technique that is safer than laser removal. This method has less chance of scarring than acid removal and is effective for all colored inks. By providing this service, you will earn the trust of your client and keep them for future services! We love this method because it is 100% natural and the most comfortable for the client. You will be able to perform this service for previous eyeliner, lips, eyebrows, and other body tattoos!

Total Hours: 6

6 Month Access

This online course will feature:

Theoretical overview, types of removal, latex practice, full procedure demo including tray set up and recommended products, removal demonstration for lips and eyebrows, aftercare protocol and much more!

You will learn how to implement proper depth and pressure, and everything else you will need to perform the procedure and attain amazing results.


Once you have completed purchasing your desired course, your tuition payment will be verified and processed. You will then receive an email with the link to your course and your username and password needed to access the course.

Access your course anytime & anywhere with our Mobile Friendly Online Academy App. Available on both the Apple App Store & Google Play! A link to the app on both stores are provided after enrollment. (internet access needed while using the mobile app)


Please note: We believe in a strong foundation when learning any new skill therefore this course is NOT for beginner students. It is designed for those who already have a foundation in permanent makeup.

Includes kit containing the following:

Aftercare pads (box of 25), ink cups 15 pcs, Ghost Tattoo Removal System, Liquidcane anesthetic, protective visors (box of 50), DIVINE microblading tool (1 sample), latex practice skin

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