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DIVINE Disposable Microblading Tool (10 pcs)

$ 66.00 $ 77.00

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CAUTION: Very sharp nanoneedles! The needle configuration is #13 in 0.18mm diameter.

The DIVINE Disposable Microblading tool is a revolutionary handcrafted microblading tool that is designed for comfort during procedures.

Using a custom-made needle array, designed by Daria Chuprys herself, and a customized handtool, the DIVINE Microblading Tool helps create natural-looking hair strokes at the perfect depth. Look no further for the best microblading hand tool that is comfortable, precise, and sanitary. 

Each tool comes in sterile packaging for one-time use, and the entire tool is disposable as one piece. Comes with a box of 10 DIVINE needles. 

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