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Sustaine ORIGINAL (Last Supplies from Manufacture)

$ 46.00

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Attention: Sustain Users! Explore Blue Gel - Enhanced Formulation!

We are excited to introduce Blue Gel, our latest offering in topical anesthesia, as an upgrade to our previous product, Sustain. As distributors of this advanced formulation, we are committed to providing you with the most effective solutions for your procedural needs.

Blue Gel boasts a powerful blend of 5% lidocaine, 1% tetracaine, and 0.01% racepinephrine HCI, making it exceptionally potent for numbing during sensitive procedures such as tattoo outlining, permanent makeup application, and electrolysis.

Its rapid action and effectiveness in reducing swelling, bruising, and bleeding set Blue Gel apart as a superior choice for your clients' comfort and satisfaction.

We encourage you to explore the benefits of Blue Gel and consider integrating it into your practice. For more information on how to incorporate Blue Gel into your offerings, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Thank you for your continued partnership. We look forward to serving you with the latest advancements in topical anesthesia.

This  topical anesthetic contains 4% lidocaine and 2% tetracaine for numbing, as well as .02% epinephrine to reduce the swelling, bruising and bleeding.  
Sustaine's speed and effectiveness in reducing bruising and swelling make it popular for sensitive work such as inner armbands, eyeliners, and the inflammation often associated with other sensitive areas.  
We do not recommend re-applying this product more than twice in one sitting, in the same area.  
Care should be taken to avoid getting any anesthetics into the eyes or mouth.

We buy directly from the manufacturer and guarantee authenticity.

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