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Formulated with a soothing gel base MicroGel supports and aids post-procedure skin. Providing hydration immediately where applied, MicroGel is suitable for all skin types. Used for all kinds of procedures and post-care regiments, MicroGel is a light and creamy solution that penetrates the skin and provides a “moisture-locking” barrier that ensures healing skin is clean and germ-free. Oily skin can especially benefit from MicroGel as there is often a misconception about oily skin, hydration, and retention of color post-procedure. Infused with ingredients like arnica, comfrey, aloe, calendula, and honey this formula is both calming and packs a powerful punch for the healing process. The forces behind MicroGel are a combination of silver and young coconut water. The mixtures of these natural ingredients target inflammation and irritation caused by free radicals to the traumatized tissue providing relief on an application. Case studies have provided that MicroGel increases fibroblast production and rapid wound repair. MicroGel provides hydration without increasing the production of oil on oily skin types as well as maintaining the healing mechanisms for amazing results. 

Directions: Let area heal naturally for the first 6 hours post-procedure. After the 6th hours, apply MicroGel 2-3 times throughout the day using a cotton pad or cotton swab for the following 7-14 days. A slight tacky feeling is normal after application as the formula immediately coats the skin with a moisture locking barrier. MicroGel is 100% natural and cruelty-free. Great for all skin types. Less is more with this product use 1-3 pumps per application.