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Microneedling #9 Pin Cartridge

$ 75.00

Each needle cartridge is packaged in a sterile and sealed packaging. They are disposable one time use. They are sold 10 needles per pack. This is ONLY for the Aura Permanent Makeup Machine. Needle number, lot number, and expiration date printed on each needle cartridge packaging.


Safe and Easy to use | Disposable magnetic cartridge system |
The very fine needles allow us to achieve ultra thin hairstrokes, while the soft and flexible features of the needle provide perfect pixels for shading.
This needle is specific to one procedure. It is best used for Microneedling
Additional Information
  • Suitable for a variety of cosmetic and medical needle types, sizes and functions
  • Perfectly sealed cartridges to prevent cross contamination
  • Affordable needles ranging from $7 to $7.50 per needle cartridge
  • The soft flexible needles are less painful and damaging on the skin
  • Needles absorb and release color evenly without pigment overflow

*Comes in a pack of 10