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COOL – Eyes Rescue Gel 3ml (5-Pack)

$ 28.50

COOL is a Goldeneye Rescue Gel for Permanent Make-up on the eyes. The cooling gel can be applied directly onto the pigmented eyelids after the Permanent Make-up treatment..Close the single-use jar and hand it over to the c ustomer to use the product at home.

The combination of allantoin, panthenol, vitamin E, and aloe vera has a cooling, detumescent and antimicrobial effect and supports epithelialization. COOL is also suitable to treat skin abrasions, sunburns, and itching.

COOL is a specially developed rescue gel for eyeliner treatments.
The cooling care gel may be applied to the freshly pigmented eyelids immediately after treatment. The tube is then closed and given to the customer for home care.

Monodose; 5 x 3ml