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Blue Gel Anesthetic Original

$ 49.00

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Introducing the new and improved Blue Gel anesthetic formulation that surpasses our previous product, Sustain. Designed to elevate your procedural experience, Blue Gel stands as an exceptionally potent numbing solution.

Crafted for use in various sensitive skin procedures such as tattoo outlining, permanent makeup application, and electrolysis, Blue Gel effectively desensitizes the targeted area, facilitating seamless completion of your work.

This advanced topical anesthetic boasts a formidable blend of 5% lidocaine and 1% tetracaine for unparalleled numbing, complemented by 0.01% racepinephrine HCI to mitigate swelling, bruising, and bleeding.

Blue Gel's rapid action and efficacy in reducing bruising and swelling have made it a preferred choice for delicate tasks like inner armbands, eyeliners, and addressing inflammation in sensitive regions.

For optimal results and safety, we advise against applying Blue Gel more than twice in the same area during a single session. Additionally, caution must be exercised to prevent any contact with the eyes or mouth.

Rest assured, we source Blue Gel directly from the manufacturer, guaranteeing its authenticity and ensuring the highest quality for your procedural needs.


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