Membrane Post-Care

Micro Balm (60 PER BOX)

Permanent Makeup Shop

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Box of 60 Mini Micro Balm Healing Salve for permanent makeup aftercare
These fully disposable 5ml pillow packs are the perfect take home to offer your clients post-procedure. Once opened they will pinch closed again. 
Why choose Membrane?
-cruelty-free formulas, using all-natural ingredients, designed to be a 100% breathable barrier for all skin types
-supports skin and supplies it with essential nutrients, such as high amino acids, vitamin A & C, and chlorophyll.
-specifically targets every area of the body with custom formulas to reduce inflammation, prevent irritation, soothe itching, reduce pain, heal skin sores, and alleviate bruising.
-specially tailored wound care promotes faster healing with ingredients such as arnica, calendula, propolis, lavender, chamomile, carrot, and cannabis oil

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