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Ghost Tattoo Removal System

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Safe, effective, and customizable! Restore your client’s appearance and say goodbye to harsh methods of removal!

-The safest and most natural form of removal - 100% organic

-Lifts ALL colors of pigment (compared to laser)

-Not harsh on the skin and little to no risk of scarring (compared to acid removal)

-Customizable - you decide the strength of the solution!

-Never expires - with two separate elements, the shelf-life is of no concern!

-Good for at least 50 sessions of removal

-Uses your body’s natural response to lighten

-Lightens through the scabs formed after the procedure, not through your lymphatic system

-Achieve highest concentration of salt for more targeted results (for very saturated pigment)

HOW IT WORKS: Ghost Saline Removal system utilizes sodium chloride which works through the process of osmosis. When the remover is introduced into the skin, which is a semi-permeable membrane, water in the cells beneath the pigment particles will rise to areas containing higher concentrations of sodium chloride. This process is called equalization and forces ink from the dermal layer of the skin upward to the top layer of the skin. This method is safe and successful when done by a certified professional. 

HOW TO USE: The sodium chloride is a two-part system, consisting of a liquid solution to which a powdered salt is added. 

Place a small amount of liquid into a pigment cup and add enough powdered salt to make a consistent paste. Using an applicable needle configuration and technique, dip the needle into the paste solution and proceed to go over the area to be corrected or removed. 

The pigmented area will be bleeding, which is expected. Bleeding itself can help eliminate unwanted pigment. 

Once the skin is properly opened, cleanse the area and apply a coating of the Ghost Saline Remover paste onto the treated area. Let the paste mixture remain on the skin for a minimum of 8 minutes and up to 10 minutes. The excess mixture can be wiped away after the wait time. The area may appear lighter and swollen, which is normal. 

AFTERCARE: Bandage the area if needed with non-stick gauze. Any dressing must allow the wound to breathe. Instruct client to remove bandage within the next 2-3 hours to allow the area to air and dry. The area will form a scab which is to remain intact until it falls away on its own.

DRY HEALING: The client MUST keep the area dry for as long as scabs are present. The scabs must not get wet/be picked or scratched. After the scabs have fallen away, the use of a scar inhibitor or product designed to restore the skin is highly recommended. On dark tone skin types, it is recommended to use a skin brightener between treatments to help prevent hyperpigmentation. 

Additional treatments are necessary to achieve desired results. Number of sessions are dependent on how saturated the pigment is, how deep it was implanted, and how much needs to be removed for desired result.

IMPORTANT: It is essential to the process and integrity of the skin that 8-10 full weeks of healing take place before another removal session can be done. No Exceptions!

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