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Fluffy Strokes Advanced Online PMU Eyebrows Course

$ 198.00 $ 395.00

Total Hours: 6

Discover the Art of Fluffy Strokes Technique in Advanced Permanent Makeup!

Unlock the secrets to creating natural, hyperrealistic eyebrows with our comprehensive online course on the Fluffy Strokes technique. Perfect for experienced PMU artists looking to elevate their skills, this course dives deep into the intricacies of using a single needle to achieve lifelike hairstrokes.

In this course, you'll learn:

  • Latest mapping tips for precise eyebrow design
  • Easy and universal hair pattern techniques
  • Practical exercises to refine your skills
  • Effective tray setup for optimal workflow

Join us and master the Fluffy Strokes technique to offer your clients unparalleled eyebrow transformations. Enroll today to take your permanent makeup artistry to the next level!

This online course will feature:

Brow mapping and shaping according to the golden mean of proportions, hair pattern, latex practice, full procedure demo including tray set-up and recommended products, aftercare protocol, and much more!

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***Course Is Only Accessible For  6 months After Purchase***

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Please note: We believe in a strong foundation when learning any new skill; therefore, this course is NOT for beginner students. It is designed for those who already have a foundation in permanent makeup.

*All students receive 5% off all orders through the PMU shop. Please email to receive a discount code and to verify your enrollment.

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