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Advanced Tinted Lips Online Course

$ 445.00 $ 895.00

 Total Hours: 8

***Course Is Only Accessible For  6 months After Purchase***

Adding to your menu of services is essential for your career and business advancement as well as your educational growth. This technique is ingenious as it minimizes pain and discomfort during the procedure and also serves up less drama and hardship with the healing process. Most individuals heal with virtually no scabbing or extreme peeling. There is no down time and the results are amazing. Beautiful and natural, this technique can enhance your client's natural beauty, help them achieve symmetry, correct previous work, and/or tone correcting. This course covers theory and practicum. You will learn how to select proper pigments, depth and pressure, and everything else you will need to perform the procedure and attain amazing results and retention.

This online course will feature:

Theoretical overview, lip pre-drawing and shaping according to the vermillion border, outline and shading practice on paper and latex, full procedure demo including tray set-up and recommended products, aftercare protocol, and much more! 


Please note: We believe in a strong foundation when learning any new skill therefore this course is NOT for beginner students. It is designed for those who already have a foundation in permanent makeup.

*All students receive 5% off all orders through the PMU shop. Please email to receive a discount code and to verify your enrollment. The best online course for learning how to create gentle, natural results for tinted lips. Our online academy offers lifetime support to our students. 


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